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The stand assembly phase is the last phase of stand development. In the current post we will explain the characteristics of this phase. In the previous posts we explained the characteristics of the phases of stand design and stand manufacture and construction.

Stand assembly phase for trade fairs

The main characteristic and difference of the stand assembly phase for trade fairs with respect to the rest of the phases is the fact that the professionals will have to work at the place of presentation. The development of work at trade fairs, congresses, trade shows, commercial events, etc. A series of variables must be taken into account that do not appear when working on the company’s premises.

The assemblers will have to carry out the work with a set time and schedule, sharing space with other companies and knowing that no major errors can occur, as they will not have the time necessary to carry out large jobs. For this reason, it is really important that the stand assembly work is carried out by professionals. With the necessary knowledge and experience to develop their work in an adequate and professional manner under these variables. We manage to deliver a customised and personalised stand in time for your presence at the fair, congress, exhibition…

At the end of the trade fair stand assembly phase, we will hand over the finished stand to the customer. They will be able to add the last elements, such as their products, before the start of the corporate event. And the client will be able to start his presence at the fair with the stand that meets his expectations.

Stands for trade fairs in Europe from Barcelona

Angle Exhibits, from our facilities in Barcelona, offers our services as suppliers of stands for trade fairs, congresses, shows, events… Held in cities all over Spain and Europe. Stands for fairs held in Madrid, Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg, Barcelona, Milan, Lyon, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Cologne…

Contact us if you would like to receive more information about our stand design, construction and assembly services, we will inform you without obligation. On our Facebook and Instagram, you can see the quality of our stands for trade fairs.


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