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The stand construction and manufacturing phase is one of the main phases of stand development. In the current post we explain the main characteristics of this phase, continuing with the explanation of the various phases of stand development started in the previous post on the stand design phase.

Stand construction and manufacturing phase

The stand manufacturing and construction phase is carried out in specialised facilities and workshops. In the case of our company, at our facilities in Barcelona. The development of this phase, the manufacture and construction of stands, must consider each element and manage to create the various parts of the stand in high quality.

This will be the moment when the design of the customised stand takes shape. The main objective being to achieve an impressive and high quality stand, which meets the client’s expectations and reproduces the idea they had for their presence at the trade fair, congress, show, exhibition…

In the manufacturing and construction phase of the stand, the fitters carry out all the necessary work. To create a customised stand. Carpentry, lighting, sound… All types of materials such as wood, PVC, DM, LEDs… Are used to carry out all this work. Thanks to the variety of work and materials used, we can create customised stands for each client.

After the stand manufacturing and stand construction phase, the various parts of the stand are transported. Once on site, we will move on to the phase of stand assembly and final assembly. We will explain the characteristics of this phase in the next post.

Suppliers of stands for trade fairs in Barcelona

As suppliers of exhibition stands in Barcelona, our commitment is to create ephemeral. But high quality structures for events held throughout Europe and Spain. We offer our stand design and stand construction services for trade fairs held in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Hannover, Cologne, Hamburg, Milan, Valencia, Zaragoza… If your company needs a customised and personalised stand, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you of our services without obligation. Visit our Instagram and Facebook, to follow our latest stands for trade fairs.


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