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Participation in trade fairs and congresses by brands and companies involves an extensive period of preparation. An effort that in most cases they make with the service of companies such as ours. Specialised in the design, manufacture and assembly of stands for trade fairs. To achieve a perfect trade fair stand that meets the needs of each client and type of company, it is necessary to go through a series of steps that we set out in the current article.

Phases of the process of design and assembly of stands for trade fairs

Design of stands for trade fairs

The start of the assembly of trade fair stands begins with the stand design phase. This is the most important phase. Since the rest of the phases will be based on making this design a reality. The exhibition stand design team should focus on the type of public present, the location of the stand within the exhibition site, the company’s budget and the type of fair in which it will participate. With these elements, they should design a customised stand for the brand. Using your colours, your corporate image and focused on your objectives. The aim is to create a stand that attracts and impacts the public present at the event. Getting them interested in the brand.

During the stand design phase, the technical project for the stand shall be drawn up. This technical project must be presented at the exhibition site. In order to guarantee the safety of the attendees. By means of the 3D images, the companies will observe the final image that their stand will have. Facilitating the final decision on the design of their stand.

Services offered at the stand

In addition to the design of the stand, you will have to think about and organise the rest of the elements that your stand will have and offer. Such as catering, audiovisuals, use of tactile devices, merchandising… Services that must be contracted by the company that designs and builds your stand or by the company itself.

These types of service can make the difference and be one of the elements that make your presence at the fair a success. By attracting a larger number of visitors to your stand. The rest of the trade fair services, such as electricity, water, cleaning, etc., must be requested within the period established by the trade fair venue.

Trade fair stands construction

This phase will be the one that will project the designed stand into a real project. The team of fitters will carry out most of the stand construction and fabrication work at the stand supplier’s premises. Such as Angle Exhibits. The various parts of the stand will be developed on the premises.

Assembly and assembly of the exhibition stands

Once the different parts of the stand have been built, it will be transported to the exhibition site. This is where the last phase before the fair itself will take place. The phase of assembly and assembly of the stands for trade fairs. The team of assemblers should carry out this phase in a short period of time. And within the times set by the trade fair organisers. This means that there is not much time to react if problems arise. That is why it is important to have a specialised company. One that avoids mistakes and has the ability to prevent and correct them quickly if they occur. Ensuring an optimal presence of the company at the event.

Service as stand fitters

Angle Exhibits is a company that designs and builds trade fair stands for congresses, trade fairs, events, exhibitions… With a wide experience. That allows us to offer our services of design and construction of stands for fairs and congresses all over Spain and Europe. In cities such as Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Milan, Hamburg… if you want to have an eye-catching and customised exhibition stand, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you without obligation. Visit our Instagram and Facebook to follow our latest exhibition stand set-ups.


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