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Within the development of stands for trade fairs, congresses, events, shows… There are several phases, the main ones being the design of stands, the manufacture and construction of stands and the assembly and assembly of stands. In the current post we expose the main characteristics of the design of stands for exhibitions, fairs, events…

Design phase of exhibition stands

Development of an eye-catching proposal

The design of the stand should aim to have an impact on the audience present at the event. Getting as many potential clients as possible to approach your stand on average. And, consequently, to your information.

Application of interior design principles

When designing a stand, the principles of interior design must be taken into account. To create an ephemeral space with the necessary visual balance and harmony. This ensures that the people who come to your stand have an optimal experience and creates a suitable space for the development of contacts and new sales.

Use of innovative elements

Having eye-catching elements, such as LED screens, video walls, touch screens… You can get a greater number of people to approach your stand and become interested in the services and products offered by your company.

Incorporation of the company’s objective in design of stands

Depending on the type of company and its size, the objective of the corporate event will be different. It may be to present a new company in the sector, to show a new product or novelty and/or to show the catalogue of a consolidated company. The objective of the company will determine the design selected for the stand presented by the company.

The stand design phase will determine the success or otherwise of the stand presented at the trade fair or corporate event. The rest of the phases will have the objective of making the design a reality. But the elements of the design will no longer be changed.

Once the design of the stand is finished, we work together with the client to develop a customised and personalised stand. That meets their needs and the client’s idea. It will then be time to manufacture and build the stand at our facilities in Barcelona. Subsequently, we will transport the stand. And the final phase of assembly and assembly of the final stand will be carried out at the location. Delivering the stand to the client.

If you wish to have a stand supplier company, specialised in design and construction of stands, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you of our services and prices without obligation. We offer our stand services for trade fairs held in cities all over Spain and Europe. Cities such as Madrid, Hannover, Berlin, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Milan, Hamburg, Valencia, Seville… On Instagram and Facebook you can find out more about our stands.


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