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From 22nd to 26th October, the Tutto Food Milano trade fair will be held at Fiera Milano Rho in Milan. During the week of the 18th of October we were setting up a personalised and tailor-made stand for one of our clients.

Tutto Food Milano is the biennial international trade fair for the food and beverage sector. Where the latest innovations in food, drinks, organic products, branded products… Are presented. It is an essential event for professionals and brands in the agri-food sector.

Design, manufacture and assembly of stand for Milan

On this occasion we have developed a customised and personalised stand for one of our clients. In the following images you can see our team assembling the stand in Milan.

construction design stand milan Design construction stand milan

We took care of the design of the stand in our facilities in Barcelona. Developing a stand according to the client’s needs and location. As in the rest of our stand designs, we combine an eye-catching and unique design with the necessary functionality for the development of contacts at the fair. Creating differentiated spaces to make the first contact with potential customers present at the fair and the following phases of the negotiation.

Our team of designers designed the stand at our facilities in Barcelona. Subsequently, we carried out the manufacture and construction of the stand on site. We then transported it to Milan. Where, at Fiera de Milano, we developed the assembly of the stand. Finally, we deliver it to our customers for the start of the fair.

Tailor-made stands for trade fairs

Angle Exhibits are specialists in stand design and stand manufacturing for Spain and Europe. From our headquarters in Barcelona we reach cities all over Europe, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Hannover, Cologne, Paris, Hamburg, Valencia, Zaragoza… Stand design in Barcelona for all Europe. We will take care of creating a customised and personalised stand according to your wishes and the characteristics of each client. If you want a customised stand for trade fairs, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you of our rates and services. On our Instagram and Facebook you will be able to see our latest stand assemblies.


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