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Trade fairs and exhibitions are an ideal place to grow your brand. Corporate events are places where professionals and companies from the same sector meet on a regular basis. Nowadays, it is increasingly common for a multitude of companies of all sizes to be present at trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions… The presence of brands at corporate events is based on trade fair marketing.

But what is trade fair marketing, how can it help your brand to grow? And what do trade fair stands offer in terms of trade fair marketing? We answer all these questions in today’s post thanks to our experience as trade fair stand manufacturers.

What is trade fair marketing?

Trade fair marketing is the set of promotional actions carried out by a brand during the duration of a corporate event. It is a marketing strategy through which the brand tries to make its information, products and services known.

Trade fair marketing actions will not be limited only to the actions carried out during the development of the corporate event itself. They will also include the planning and promotion of the trade fair, congress or exhibition where the brand will participate. And also the control and evaluation of the results obtained in its presence at the event.

The trade fair marketing actions are divided into previous actions. In this phase the planning actions of the brand’s presence at the event are developed. Also, actions to promote its presence at the event. The second phase is the execution of the fair, the marketing actions that will be developed during the event to promote your brand and attract visitors to the event. The last phase is the post-fair phase, which brings together the actions that will be developed after the fair. The presence of the brand at the fair will be evaluated, measuring the results obtained and marketing actions will be developed with the data obtained at the fair.

How can you promote the growth of your brand?

Trade fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions… They are an event that allows you to promote your brand among visitors interested in the products and services you offer. They are one of the few places where your target public will be present in a short period of time.

Having a trade fair marketing that manages to plan your presence at the event properly, will ensure that your presence at the trade fair will be a boost for your brand. You will make new potential customers aware of your brand, convert them into new customers and, consequently, grow your brand.

Within trade fair marketing and the planning of your presence at the corporate event, trade fair stands stand out. They are the main element that the company can count on to ensure that the presence of its brand at the event is a great success.

What do trade fair stands offer to trade fair marketing?

Trade fair stands in Madrid are an essential element in trade fair marketing. Creating an impactful and eye-catching design will attract a large number of visitors to your brand information and other marketing actions.

Develop trade fair stands in Madrid that make an impact on attendees. At fairs, congresses, trade fairs, exhibitions… Held at IFEMA, all kinds of materials must be used. Such as wood, PVC, methacrylate, textiles… A multitude of alternatives and ideas to achieve a unique lighting, carpentry, decoration, furniture… To create a customised trade fair stand that achieves the objective of making an impact on those present at corporate events.

The multitude of materials, tools, knowledge, elements… It allows us to create unique and eye-catching stand designs that meet the expectations of companies. Making their presence at corporate events a great success.

Furthermore, depending on the company’s budget, you can opt for different types of stands. Such as large customised stands, modular stands, smaller design stands… Each stand has its own benefits, with customised stands standing out, as they can be more personalised than modular stands. However, modular stands are ideal for companies with a smaller budget. Well designed, they will also attract the attention of those present at trade fairs in Madrid.

If your brand will participate in fairs, congresses, trade fairs… Held in Madrid and other cities in Spain and Europe. Like Barcelona, Lyon, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Hannover, Valencia, Hamburg… Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our services as companies specialising in design and construction of stands for trade fairs and exhibitions. Visit our Instagram and Facebook to see our designs and stand constructions.


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