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A few days before the start of the great event of mobile technology worldwide held at Fira de Barcelona, we already have our custom stands ready for various clients who will participate in this new edition of MWC 2022.

As in previous editions, we will once again be present at MWC 2022 as designers and builders of customised and made-to-measure stands. In these last weeks we are working on the manufacturing of exhibition stands for the MWC 2022. This is one of the times of the year when we have the highest peak of work, due to the large number of stands to be developed. After two years in which MWC 2020 was not held and MWC 2021 was a shortened version, as stand designers and manufacturers we are delighted to be back to normal.

The following are the main services offered by our stand company for trade fairs, congresses, trade fairs…

Services as a stand company for trade fairs and exhibitions for MWC 2022

Stand design

We have a team of stand designers with extensive experience. Capable of designing all types of stands. From modular stands to large stands, customised for each client and type of event. Our designers are in charge of the entire stand design process. They will create the stand that the client wants to show their company image in an eye-catching way to attract the largest possible number of attendees at fairs such as MWC 2022.

Stand construction and manufacturing

The next service offered by our company is the construction and manufacture of stands. Our professionals are in charge of manufacturing the perfect stand, without any imperfections. To project perfectly the stand designed by our team of designers. We also have the possibility of developing the construction and manufacture of stands with the stand design provided by our clients.

Stand builders for MWC 2022

The last service and phase of stand construction is the assembly of stands for trade fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions… Stand assembly is the final assembly of the stand at the place of presentation. There are clients who use the same stand on several occasions and need our service as stand assemblers.

Angle Exhibits offers our services as stand designers and manufacturers for trade fairs and congresses at Fira de Barcelona, such as MWC 2022, and for trade fairs and events all over Europe. In cities such as Madrid, Lyon, Paris, Berlin, Valencia, Zaragoza, Hamburg, Hannover… Our years of experience allow us to design and manufacture exhibition stands for each client. Creating large customised stands for each of them. If you want to see the quality of our exhibition stands, visit our Instagram and Facebook. And contact us, without obligation, to find out our prices.

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