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When a company decides to present itself at a trade fair, congress, exhibition… Held in Madrid, it knows that there will be a lot of competition at the fair to attract the attention of those present. At this point the company will ask itself how it can manage to stand out from the competition present at the event. The company will have several elements to stand out at the fair, such as advertising campaigns, promotions, development of games… But the most striking and important will be the exhibition stand it will present. With the aim of making an impact on those present and ensuring that your brand triumphs with the trade fair stand at trade fairs and congresses in Madrid, we set out below various strategies and tips.

Strategies and tips for success with your trade fair stand in Madrid

  • Analysis and planning of your trade fair presence

Before starting to plan your presence at the selected trade fair in Madrid, you should carry out an analysis of the various trade fairs related to your brand’s business activity. Once these have been analysed, decide which trade fair to attend. After deciding which corporate event to participate in, it is time to analyse the chosen trade fair itself and the competition present.

Once the analysis of the trade fair and the competition present has been completed, it will be time to start planning your presence at the trade fair. The main objective of this planning should be to get visitors to visit your stand and learn about your brand. Overcoming the direct competition present at the event.

  • Stand location

The location of the exhibition stand in Madrid within the fairgrounds is essential to achieve this objective of impacting and attracting visitors. The location of the stand will determine its visibility. The fairgrounds offer premium locations, located in the most visited and visible areas of the fairgrounds. If your company has the budget, this is a good option to make the most impact at the trade show.

  • Visual impact

Getting a trade fair stand in Madrid that manages to make a visual impact is essential. To achieve the objective of attracting those present. Stands with a great visual impact are the ones that attract the greatest number of visitors. Being the brands that achieve a greater number of business opportunities at the event.

In addition to achieving a clear visual impact, the message of your brand must be clearly visible from any point. To achieve this goal of conveying your information clearly and visibly, the right signage and lighting must be selected.

  • Display your information in a variety of ways

Information should be accessible and visible to all visitors. Some visitors will prefer written information. Such as brochures and reading materials. Others will prefer to receive information in a more visual way. Such as an explanatory video on a large screen. Also, qualified staff should be present to be able to assist visitors. Being able to answer visitors’ questions with the necessary competence. Converting visitors into potential customers for your brand.

  • Workers at the trade fair stand in Madrid

In addition to qualified staff to answer visitors’ questions. There should also be people specialised in closing contracts for your brand. And support staff to develop the various activities of the stand and ensure that all visitors who approach the stand receive correct and personalised attention.

Within the appropriate personnel, you can hire any type of entertainer, to be able to develop promotional strategies, such as the ones we expose in the following point.

  • Promotional strategies for your trade fair stand in Madrid

In your stand you will be able to develop a multitude of different promotional strategies. These will allow you to promote your brand to visitors. From special offers for visitors who decide to buy from your brand during the event, to competitions and promotions among visitors, these types of promotions attract a large number of visitors. One of the most outstanding ones is the prize draws among the attendees.

Thanks to promotions, raffles, promotions, contests… You can obtain the data of visitors, if to participate in them, they must fill out a form or questionnaire. Data that you will be able to use later to carry out future marketing campaigns.

  • Catering for attendees

Offering a snack, a drink or any kind of catering is a good option to get more people to come to your stand. They will often spend many hours in the exhibition hall and need to rest. In addition, you will be able to showcase your brand in the catering.

  • Promotion via social networks

Prior to the start of the trade fair in Madrid, you can choose to promote your presence on social networks among the professionals and brands that will be at the event. In your social media promotion campaign you can invite attendees to visit your stand, offering an incentive if they visit.

When a brand spends time, work, part of its budget… To present itself at a trade fair in Madrid, it is essential that it achieves the best possible results. With this objective in mind, we offer our trade fair stand design services and the manufacture of customised and made-to-measure stands for each of our clients in Madrid. If you want to have an eye-catching and customised exhibition stand in Madrid for your brand, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you about our rates and services without obligation.

As we have observed in the current post, making your trade show presence a success is difficult, costly and requires a great deal of planning. This extensive planning and necessary research makes it important to rely on companies specialised in stands and trade show presence. Such as Angle Exhibits, specialists in manufacturing stands for Madrid.


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