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Barcelona will host a new Puzzle X event in November. An initiative focused on the use of Deep Tech materials for the construction of a more sustainable world. In accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  As in all other corporate events, one of the key points for the success of your company’s presence is the stand.

Features of the Puzzle X Forum

PuzzleX aims to harness frontier materials to solve problems and challenges facing us today and in the future. The event aims to bring together the world of materials with entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, materials science serving our world, to support materials technology startups and attract investment.

The materials of the future are little known, but of great importance. Materials such as graphene or carbon nanostructures are used every day in a multitude of products. They are indispensable today. They have great transformative potential and will enable the development of industrial sectors in a revolutionary way.

Tailor-made stand service

Angle Exhibits, as specialists in stand design and stand construction in Barcelona, offers the development of stands customised to the characteristics of each client. We manage to attract a large number of visitors to your stand at trade fairs and congresses.

Such as Puzzle X. As a trade fair specialising in a specific sector, it will be really important to stand out from your competition. With a trade fair stand with an eye-catching and unique design. One that shows your corporate image and information in a striking way.

If you want to have a customised stand adapted to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you of our stand design and manufacturing rates.

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