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The commercial furniture, together with the decoration, colours, logo, image… of the company and the establishment. It allows the development of a unique and eye-catching atmosphere and retail. This attracts and retains a greater number of potential customers.

Type of customised commercial furniture

  • Counters: this is one of the most important elements in all types of business. To develop a display suitable to the needs and style of the establishment is key. Both for the dynamism of its workers and its service as well as to make it a modern and suitable element for the global style of your retail. We develop comfortable and functional counters for your workers and attractive and eye-catching for your customers.
  • Shelving: developed according to the type of business. Considering both the design and the capacity and resistance of the shelving. We will create shelving to suit the needs of your premises. We can develop mobile or fixed shelving, in all types of materials. Such as wood, metal, glass…
  • Gondolas: they are ideal for shops, pharmacies, businesses… that wish to display and promote specific products located in these gondolas. They are ideal for creating dynamic shop windows.
  • Clothes racks: they are ideal for clothes shops, sports shops… They are structures that allow clothes to be stored and displayed in a simple and eye-catching way.
  • Showcases: they allow you to display your brand’s products in an eye-catching way. We develop showcases for this purpose.

We adapt all types of commercial furniture to the needs of each business and optimise the space available in your establishment. Thanks to the different types of commercial furniture in conjunction with the furniture, decoration, paint, colours, logo… We will create a unique retail space that will make an impact on your customers. Improving your establishment, achieving modern spaces.

Below, we show examples of commercial and retail furniture developed by our clients. You can see the quality of our assemblies.

Examples of retail

Retail for Nike shop

Reception and offices for golf course

Restaurant in Barcelona

As you have seen in these images we can develop, assemble and design retail for any type of business. From retail for food establishments, to sports centres, clothing shops, pharmacies, fashion, footwear, perfumeries… Contact us, without obligation if you want to develop a new retail project in Barcelona for your establishment.


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