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With the aim of developing an eye-catching retail for each client’s business. To optimise the space of your establishment and improve the circulation of your customers through it. A series of clear phases must be followed in the design and manufacture of commercial furniture in Barcelona. In the current post we expose these phases, showing our way of developing this type of retail for all types of businesses in Barcelona.

Phases in the manufacture of commercial furniture

Analysis of the shop

The first point we carry out is the analysis of the type of business at which the project is aimed. We adapt to the current needs of the sector in which it works. In order to satisfy the needs of the future customers of the establishment.

Design of the project

Once we have analysed the type of business, expectations, current decorative styles… In conjunction with the client. It will be time to design the project. Projecting the characteristics and desires extracted from the analysis. At this point, it is necessary to take into account a series of aspects that are common to all commercial furniture projects in Barcelona and retail.

  • Guided tour: this point is common to many shops. They want their customers to take a guided tour of their establishment.
  • Distribution of the elements: to achieve the objective of having your customers walk through your shop in the way you want and to promote and encourage the sale of the selected products. To achieve this objective it is really important to distribute correctly the different elements that will form the commercial and retail furniture of your business in Barcelona.

Manufacture of the commercial furniture

Once we have completed the design of your commercial project, we go on to manufacture the different elements of the commercial furniture. In the case of our company, we make the customised commercial furniture at our facilities in Barcelona.

Construction and assembly of the retail project

Once the elements of the commercial and retail furniture have been completed, we will carry out the final work in the establishment itself. Making the various changes to it, creating the different aspects, decorating the spaces… To finish the retail and create a unique and eye-catching space. To modernise the establishment and improve its sales. Achieving a space in which potential customers feel comfortable and want to return, promoting customer loyalty.

At Angle Exhibits we offer customised retail and commercial furniture for each of our clients. We provide comprehensive advice. From the design phase of the project to its physical development in the establishment. We take care of its design and manufacture for businesses, shops, shops, restaurants in Barcelona.

If you would like us to manage the design, manufacture and assembly of retail and commercial furniture for your business, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you of our services and rates. As specialists in the design and construction of stands we have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of commercial furniture.


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