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Barcelona is one of the cities in the world where most international fairs, trade fairs and congresses are held. These are scientific, cultural and industrial exhibitions that bring together professionals from each sector and are often open to the public. Thanks to the large Fira de Barcelona exhibition centre, with 400,000 m2 of exhibition space. These characteristics of the city and its trade fair sector mean that there are many companies dedicated to stands design in Barcelona, such as Angle Exhibits.

After a year and a half of pandemic, Barcelona’s trade fair calendar is back to normal. With the celebration of various fairs and congresses in the city. As specialists in the design and construction of stands in Barcelona, we have started our work to create eye-catching and customised stands for trade fairs for each client. Such as the fairs and congresses held in Barcelona during the month of November.

Fairs and congresses in November at Fira de Barcelona

Throughout the month of November the trade fairs Expo Sports, Saló de l’Ocupacióm Handmade Festival Barcelona, Bizbarcelona, -Puzzle X, Paint & Coatings, Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress, Ocasión, Smart City Expo World Congress, Piscina & Wellness Barcelona, Barcelona Building Construmat and IBTM World will be held at the Fira Barcelona exhibition centre. The following stand out for their relevance:

  • BizBarcelona: Biz Barcelona is the benchmark event for freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs. It promotes entrepreneurship and business activity and will be developed around four axes: entrepreneurship, growth, star-ups and innovation and talent.
  • Saló de l’Ocupació: The Saló de l’Ocupació is aimed at all those seeking employment or to reorientate their professional profile. It offers different formulas to achieve their objectives through guidance and advice.
  • Smart City Expo World Congress: is the world’s leading event for cities. The smart cities event will be held from 16 to 18 November. Bringing together representatives from cities, regions, countries, academic institutions, entrepreneurs, leading companies…

The aim of these events is to revive the economy. Promoting new ideas and entrepreneurial projects and raising awareness of business activity and employment. In order to make an impact on the audience present at the events and to stand out from your direct competition, one of the most important elements is the stand presented by your company.

At Angle Exhibits we offer our stands design and stands construction service for all trade fairs, congresses, trade shows, events… Held in Barcelona and other cities in Spain and Europe, such as Madrid, Zaragoza, Paris, Milan, Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin… Contact us, we will inform you about our services and rates without obligation. Visit our Instagram and Facebook to see the quality of our stands.


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