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From this month of September there has been a great resumption of trade fairs, shows, exhibitions, etc. In Spain and Europe. At Angle Exhibits, as specialists in the design, construction and manufacturing of stands, we have observed an increase in demand for this type of service.

During this month of August we are working for the orders of the month of September and next autumn. In the following images you can see our work of design and construction of stands developed during this month in our facilities in Barcelona. Most of the projects are in the stand manufacturing phase. In this phase we create and manufacture the various parts of the stand.

Stand manufacturing service offered by our company

At Angle Exhibits, thanks to our years of experience in the manufacture of stands for trade fairs, congresses, shows… All over Spain and Europe, we offer a professional service adapted to the needs of each client. To offer this type of service, our work is divided into different phases.

Phases of the design and construction of stands

  • Stand design in Barcelona: we will design the stand according to your needs, the characteristics of the event, the location and the corporate image of your brand. With the aim of making an impact on the audience of the corporate event.
  • Stand manufacturing: once the stand design has been completed, we will move on to the manufacturing and construction phase of the stand at our facilities.
  • Transport and assembly of stands throughout Europe: once the construction of the stand has been completed, it will be transported to the location. We will carry out the final assembly of the stand at the presentation site. Delivering the finished stand to our customers.
  • Dismantling of the stand: at the end of the corporate event, fairs, congresses or trade fairs, we finish our work with the dismantling and recycling of the stand.

From our headquarters in Barcelona we have participated in trade fairs and congresses in cities all over Europe. Such as Frankfurt, Hannover, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Zaragoza, Cologne, … MWC, Saló de l’ensenyamnet, Manga, Salón Gourment, Fitur, Fruit Attractuo, Automechanika, Anuga… Contact us, without obligation, we will send you a personalised quote. Follow our work on Instagram and Facebook.


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