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Exhibiting companies know the importance of the stand and its design for corporate events. Such as trade fairs, presentations, congresses, trade fairs… Because the right design can mark the success of the brand at this type of event.

Essential elements for a successful stand design


Lighting is essential to create an eye-catching space that manages to attract those present at the event. Avoid both excessive and limited use of lighting. It should illuminate the stand in general and in particular the spaces and elements that you want those present to see more quickly. The strategic placement of lighting will be a key element in the success of your stand design.

Open spaces

Nowadays it is essential to create open designs that allow visitors to feel like they are in an open place. This prevents them from feeling trapped inside the stand. In addition, it will benefit mobility within the stand. Even when creating an open stand it is essential to differentiate the areas, such as meeting, presentation, information… To improve the use of the different spaces.

Knowing your target audience

When designing the stand it is essential to know your target audience. This knowledge is essential to attract the right visitors for your brand. Knowing what products and services they are most interested in, their general tastes… You will be able to focus your decoration, design and use of spaces on these interests and tastes. This will help you attract your target audience.

Corporate image

Show the corporate image of your company, considering your logo, colours, main values… It is essential for your potential clients to know your company. And they will be able to remember it in the future. Since a lot of business is not done in the same stand. Many potential customers contact the exhibiting companies in the following months. For this reason, it is important that your corporate image makes an impression on your potential customers and that they remember you over time.

Stand location

This point will depend mainly on the company’s budget for its participation in the fairs, congresses, trade fairs… The main locations, situated in the most visible places, will be more expensive. However, location is not everything, if your company cannot opt for these more visible locations, you will have to attract the attention of those present by means of an original and eye-catching stand. It should be able to attract the attention of visitors even if the location is not ideal. At this point, it is important to know that trade fairs, congresses, etc. develop a route for visitors to observe all the stands.

Original and eye-catching elements

Incorporate elements that attract attention, such as Smart TV, large-format tactile elements, Led Wall, Video Wall, new technologies, advertising screens… These are essential nowadays. Since their use is becoming more and more common. For this reason, it is more difficult to attract the attention of those present and their use becomes essential to achieve the objective of attracting as many potential customers as possible.

These elements are essential to achieve a stand that manages to show the image of your brand and the products and services you offer in an eye-catching way and that manages to attract the largest number of visitors to corporate events. It is important to get the attention of those present, but it is also really important that this audience understands easily and quickly what your brand offers.

Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our rates and services. As specialists in stand design and construction, we will achieve the stand design you want for your brand. Achieving an eye-catching stand, customised to the needs of your company. In our years of experience we have participated in fairs and congresses such as Smart City, MWC, SITL, SIAL, HOMI, BIT, IAS, SMAU, FITUR, Nomad, Fruit Attraction, Liber, ISE, B-Travel, Industry, Caravaning… Held all over Spain and Europe such as Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Hannover, Frankfurt, Madrid, Valencia… On Instagram and Facebook you can find out about our company’s news.


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