Protection elements angle exhibits

The new screens designed by Angle Exhibits are floor screens. They are made of high-quality methacrylate, with a thickness of 8-10mm. They are anti-reflective and translucent. As they are transparent, they don’t create shadows inside the stand. These methacrylate screens for stands are the perfect prevention system. It delimits the contact areas between clients, providing security.

As we are who design and produce the protective screens, we create custom models for each client and furniture. We have different models and designs of methacrylate screens for stands. As for the colour of the methacrylate, we can manufacture them with completely transparent methacrylate or in the colour desired by the client. The same happens with the shape. Rectangular designs finished in vertices, more corporate and soft designs with rounded edges…

Our models of methacrylate screens for stands that we have designed in Angle:


We custom-made the screens. Angle Exhibits is a company that designs and builds stands and their furniture. We have expanded our services to offer the most complete solution for your stand. We make exclusive and unique designs that attract new customers and that are specific and identifying of your trademark. In Angle, designing, producing and assembling stands for all of Europe. As well as retail furniture for businesses and offices. If you have a project, do not hesitate to contact us.









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