As a result of the health crisis we are experiencing, many businesses and offices need methacrylate screens to protect their workers and customers. Protective screens and partitions are the key to prevent infections and stop the spread of Covid-19. From Angle Exhibits, we have designed a line of study of protective elements adapted to each of your needs. It is a collection of different designs of methacrylate screens for counters and work tables, as well as screens, parabens and separators. In this post we will focus on methacrylate screens for counters and receptions.

Methacrylate screens for counters and receptions

Our protective screens are made of high quality methacrylate. They are completely transparent and have low reflection. Their thickness is between 4 and 6 mm, and the edges are polished. This gives it great lightness to try that the screen is appreciated as much as possible.

Also, they are methacrylate screens with a totally optimized design. Presenting maximum stability with the minimum number of anchorage points required. This way we avoid taking up more space than necessary on the work table and altering the design of the counter too much.

Furthermore, as we are the ones who produce these screens in our workshops, we adapt the measurements to each particular counter and to the needs of each client. We can modify the designs to the client’s taste and desire. For example;

  • Screen printing and printing on the methacrylate the company logo, advertising, schedules, etc.
  • Screen with hole, of the desired dimensions, or without it.
  • Frontal and lateral protection screens, or only frontal.

Our screens can be installed to fit, that is to say, without any metallic or plastic element of fixation. They can also be installed with stainless steel clamps or flat fixings.

Some of our partition designs

Two pieces front and side:

Three pieces front and side:

Five pieces front:

Circular front:


If you need information on screens and partitions of methacrylate, please contact us, without any obligation. Angle Exhibits is a company that designs and manufactures stands and retail furniture for shops and stands. We have a wide and long experience in the sector, more than 30 years. We offer professionalism, quality and good price. Ask for your budget here.





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