Commercial furniture for retail

Throughout August we have developed the commercial furniture for retail. On this occasion we have been in charge of the construction of the furniture for a shop. Creating the commercial furniture for retail to measure for our customers.

Having custom-made commercial furniture in your shop allows the furniture built for it to be adapted to the client’s needs and the type of shop where it will be used. Completely adapting to the dimensions of the space, getting them to fit perfectly, which will allow you to create a unique space.

The customised furniture will make your space stand out from the competition. Having original pieces, making sure that other shops cannot use the same type of furniture. This differentiation is important for the retail or shop. Such as restaurants, carpentries, hardware shops, perfumeries, bakeries…

In the following images you can see the work done by our company for this job.

In the above images you can see that at Angle Exhibits we have the professionals, machinery and experience necessary to develop the customised retail furniture you need. We can create all kinds of spaces and furniture.

Commercial furniture works developed by Angle Exhibits

Below, we show more images of works for retail developed previously.

In addition to the service of custom furniture for retail, we have the service of design and construction of stands for fairs, congresses, exhibitions, shows… We have our own team of designers with extensive experience. With the capacity to design the stand that the client wishes. In the service of construction and manufacture of stands we take care of the whole process.

From the construction and manufacture of the stand at our headquarters in Barcelona. Including transport and final assembly at the presentation site. Finishing with the dismantling and recycling of the stand. Reusing as much material as possible for future stands.

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us, without obligation. Follow us on Instagram to see our work.


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