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During the last few weeks we have been working on the design and construction of a unique and customised stand for a client participating in the Piscina Wellness 2021 trade fair. The fair was held from 29th November to 2nd December in pavilion 4 and 5 of Fira Barcelona Gran Via.

The fair is an annual event that brings together professionals from the sector. It is the ideal place to learn about innovations in the sector and make new contacts and business. Given the great competition present, all dedicated to the sector of swimming pools and their accessories, it is really important to present a ephemeral space that manages to highlight your brand over the direct competition.

Customised stand for the Piscina Wellness 2021 trade fair, Barcelona

In the following images you can see the stand designed and built for our client’s presence at Piscina Wellness 2021, Barcelona. Creating an ephemeral space that made the difference in the event. Attracting the attention of those present.

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The incorporation of two swimming pools within the ephemeral space is particularly noteworthy. They managed to attract the attention of those present, thanks to being able to observe live the quality and professionalism of the pools offered by the brand.

Service offered by our company

Design carried out in Barcelona

The first phase of development of this eye-catching and personalised stand was developed by our team of stand designers for trade fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions… They created a space where the eye-catching and attractive elements were the company’s two swimming pools. The ephemeral space evoked a summer atmosphere, with the appropriate decoration and furniture.

Construction and manufacture of the stand in Barcelona

Our professionals in stand construction carried out the construction and manufacturing phase of the ephemeral space for Piscina Wellness 2021, in our facilities as stand suppliers in Barcelona.

Transport and assembly

To carry out the last phase, we transported the ephemeral space to Fira de Barcelona, Gran Via. At the presentation venue, we carried out the last phase, the assembly of the stand. We delivered to our clients a professional ephemeral space that exceeded their expectations.

Angle Exhibits is a stand supplier based in Barcelona. Our main area of work is Spain and Europe. We offer our stand design and construction services in Madrid, Barcelona, Lyon, Berlin, Milan, Zaragoza, Hannover, Hamburg, Valencia, Frankfurt, Marseille… Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you about our stand design and construction services. Visit our Facebook and Instagram, you can follow our assemblies and stands.


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