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From 23 to 25 November, the annual Wind Europe event was held in Copenhagen at the Bella Center. Dedicated to the electrification of cities based on renewable energies. Various conferences and exhibitions were held at the event. With more than 300 exhibiting companies.

In the presence of a multitude of exhibiting companies, it is essential to present a unique and personalised stand. That manages to make an impact on the audience present and get a large number of those present at the corporate and multitudinous event to come to your stand and information.

Stand for Copenhagen

In the following images you can see the quality, design and construction of the stand developed by our company for a client who participated in the Wind Europe Electric City 2021 fair.

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As you can see in the images we designed a unique and eye-catching stand.

Stand design Barcelona

Our professionals carried out the stand design phase at our Barcelona facilities, which specialise in the manufacture and construction of stands.

Our team of stand designers created the stand desired by the client and adapted it to the venue. A customised stand that managed to show the image, products and services of the brand in a clear and striking way. A stand in which wood and black were the protagonists. Creating a stand that stood out for its elegance.

Manufacture of the stand in Barcelona

The second phase of our work as stand suppliers, the manufacturing and construction phase of the stand, was also carried out at our facilities in Barcelona. Our professionals developed this phase with the necessary know-how to manufacture and build unique stands. Professional stands, where all the elements have the necessary quality.

Stand assembly in Copenhagen

Our team of professionals carried out the last phase of the stand, the assembly of the stand, directly at the Bella Center in Copenhagen. Where the event where our clients were participating took place. We were able to deliver to our clients a perfect stand that met their expectations.

Angle Exhibits are specialists in the design and construction of stands in Barcelona. For cities all over Spain and Europe. Like Berlin, Hannover, Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Hamburg, Milan, Lyon, Paris, Lleida… If you want to have a unique and customised stand for your company’s presence at trade fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions… And all kinds of corporate events, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you of our rates and services, without obligation. Visit our Facebook and Instagram, you will see our stands for fairs and congresses.


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