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Angle Exhibits have once again designed and created bespoke retail furniture for hardware stores located in Paris, France. As on other occasions we have created the commercial space and furniture for the brands DeWalt and Stanley. Thanks to these commercial spaces they manage to highlight their products within the hardware stores where they place their commercial spaces.

Retail space for DeWalt and Stanley

In the following images you can see the two retail spaces for these two hardware store brands. Creating personalised and eye-catching commercial spaces for our clients.

manufacture commercial furniture lighting commercial furniture retail furniture france commercial space france

As specialists in the design and construction of commercial spaces we have developed all the phases of the same. Under the technical direction of Dissenym, specialists in the creation of assemblies. We develop the manufacture and assembly of the retail space.

Customised commercial spaces, such as the one developed in this case, allow us to create spaces that adapt to the needs of each client. Making your brand and products have an impact on the potential customers present in the shop. In the case of the two commercial spaces developed for DeWalt and Stanley, the brand’s ability to make an impact in a hardware store where brands from the same sector compete is really important.

For the development of the commercial space, all kinds of materials have been used. The striking lighting used is particularly noteworthy. At key points that attract the attention of potential customers to the brand’s most outstanding products. Promoting the products that most interest the brand.

Service offered by Angle Exhibits

Angle Exhibits are specialists in the design and construction of stands and commercial spaces for trade fairs, congresses, shows, shopping centres… In Spain and Europe. In our years of experience as stand designers and builders we have participated in fairs, exhibitions, trade fairs… Such as MWC, FITUR, Wind Europe, A+A, Tutto Food, Madrid Fusion, ISE… Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our services and rates. On our Instagram you will be able to see our latest montages.


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