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Madrid is a city specialised in the development of trade fairs and congresses thanks to its IFEMA exhibition centre. Year after year it holds a multitude of congresses, trade fairs, fairs… A multitude of stands are used to hold these corporate events, in different formats, such as modular or customised stands. Developed by companies specialised in the design and construction of stands in Madrid, such as Angle Exbibits.

Large trade fairs are held in Madrid. Such as FITUR, Genera, SIMA, SIMO Educación, Infarma Madrid, Vive la moto, Salón Gourmets… At this type of event it is important to present an eye-catching stand. To make an impact on the large number of people present. Getting as many people as possible to approach your information.

Stands design in Madrid

Stand design is one of the most important parts of stand design and stand construction. Stand design for trade fairs must be attractive and efficient. Creating a stand that is eye-catching but at the same time allows the work to be carried out efficiently. For this reason, it is important to have specialists in stand design who are able to create this type of stand.

Stands construction

Another essential moment for the development of a professional and adequate stand in all its elements is the construction of stands. The manufacture and construction of stands must be carried out by professionals. They take into account all the elements and manage to create a perfect stand.  At this point, all the work related to the stand construction, such as carpentry, metalwork, electricity, etc., must be carried out.

If you would like to have a customised stand that will make an impact on the audience present at trade fairs, congresses, shows, etc. held in Madrid and stand out from your competitors, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you about our designs and prices without obligation. As a construction company and manufacturer of stands in Madrid we will adapt to your needs. Visit Instagram and YouTube, you can see our latest stands.


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