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When a company decides to present itself at a trade fair, congress, exhibition, etc., it must decide whether to have a modular or customised stand. This decision will depend on the objectives of the brand at the fair, its budget and the dimensions of the fair. To achieve the various objectives of the company, it is better to have a customised stand designed to measure. You will be able to create eye-catching stands.

Designing a unique and customised stand allows you to create a stand suited to the company’s needs, location and brand objectives. For this reason it is important to have professionals in the design of customised stands.

How is the design of a customised stand developed?

The design of the stand starts with the contact with the applicant company. At this point, the stand designers must know the characteristics of the brand, its objectives, the type of corporate event, the location of the event…

Once this information has been analysed, the design of the customised stand should begin. The client will inform us of their ideas and wishes for the stand. With the information and the wishes of the companies. Tthe stand designers will create a stand project in which these ideas will be expressed. At this point, they will present it to the client. And together they will modify the aspects desired by the client. In order to achieve a stand that is totally adapted to their needs and wishes.

In this way you will have a personalised and customised stand design. With your corporate colours, logo, brand, etc. will be displayed. Moreover, depending on your objectives, you will have a stand focused on achieving them.

Stand design service offered by Angle Exhibits

As specialists in stand design located in Barcelona, we offer our stand design, stand construction and stand assembly services for the whole of Spain and Europe. In cities such as Madrid, Zaragoza, Berlin, Cologne, Milan, Barcelona, Hamburg, Valencia… On Instagram and Facebook you can see our stand assemblies for trade fairs, congresses, shows… Contact us if you would like a customised and tailor-made stand for your business.


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