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Last week we were finalising our latest work. This time we have developed the commercial furniture for the reception of a golf course. Creating modern offices adapted to the client’s needs.

Below, we show the images of the finished reception.

In them you can see the reception designed and built for a golf course. To develop this new reception for a golf course. We have created custom-made commercial furniture, carried out the carpentry work, metalwork, lighting, glasswork… To achieve a reception that adapts to the client’s needs.

New reception, new sensations for your customers

This new reception will allow customers to feel comfortable when they arrive at the golf course. Creating a feeling of comfort and convenience.  One of the most outstanding elements are the shelves where the golf course can display the prizes won by the golfers of the golf course.

Specialists in stand design and construction

Angle Exhibits are specialists in the design and construction of stands, commercial furniture and retail furniture. Creating unique stands and spaces. Making your potential customers feel comfortable, allowing them to get to know your information in a pleasant environment. Encouraging the predisposition to reach agreements.

This is really important for the presence of your company at fairs, exhibitions, congresses, trade fairs, salons, trade shows… For this reason, we offer a professional and comprehensive service to our clients. To create a unique and eye-catching stand, which attracts the largest number of potential customers to your stand. Getting them to know your information, which will increase the possibility of reaching agreements.

Visit our Instagram and Facebook, you can see our latest work. If you need a customised stand, furniture or retail, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you without obligation about our work, rates and services.


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