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Angle Exhibits knows that the current situation is exceptional.  For this reason we have put our efforts into developing various elements of protection against the Covid-19. In order to be able to continue with the economic activity of your company in the most normal way possible. Following the health standards established by the various governments.

In the current post we show all the elements developed with this objective. All our protection elements are made of high quality methacrylate. That allows to develop the disinfection of the same ones in a fast way. With a solution of water and bleach. The methacrylate has a thickness between 8-10 mm and are translucent and anti-reflective. These characteristics allow light to pass through from the place where it is placed while preventing light from being reflected from light sources.

Thanks to these protective elements you can divide the spaces between workers and users. In all types of businesses and places. Such as offices, restaurants, stands, fairs, shops, hairdressers… As furniture designers, retail and customised stands we can design and build the screens, partitions and dividers that adapt to the needs of each type of company and client.

Models of protective elements developed by Angle Exhibits

We have a total of models of protection elements against covid-19. The first model is the coloured methacrylate screens. The first model is the coloured methacrylate screens, which are characterised by being large separating elements that are placed on the floor and can be moved according to the needs of each moment. They can be personalized with the colour that the client wishes.

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The second model is the transparent methacrylate screens. This is the simplest model in our catalogue of protection elements. Therefore, they can be personalized by means of the silk-screen printing of your company’s logo and leds. The union of different screens allows to create the width that the client needs and can be moved easily according to the needs of the business in every moment.

Mampara protección con led y logo

The next model is the screens for counters. Within this section there are different types composed by different pieces. Allowing us to adapt to the needs of each type of display. in order to protect your workers.

Two pieces front and side:

Three pieces front and side:

Five pieces front:

Circular front:

Finally, the latest model is the table dividers. These allow office or other types of business tables to be divided up to separate the work spaces of each worker. Within this model, various types have been designed with rectangular, round, corporate, downward facing designs… That separate the table inside and, if necessary, the sides of the table.

Service offered by Angle Exhibits

Contact our company if you need a protection element against the Covid-19. We will show you all our models of screens, partitions and protection screens. and we will inform you about our service of design and construction of protection elements personalized to your needs. Visit our Instagram and Facebook to see our latest work.

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