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With the latest news, which makes it possible to predict that the trade fair sector will return to activity during the first months of 2021, marking the beginning of the overcoming of the crisis caused by the Covid-19. In view of this resumption, we have begun to observe the beginning of the first contacts for the development of stands for fairs, congresses, exhibitions, shows… which will be held during 2021. In the current post we show the first phases that will be developed for the design and construction of stands.

Before starting the exhibition of the different phases, we must take into account that the design and construction of stands is a laborious and long process. That includes several companies of the events sector. Since we must not only square the stand itself, but, the activities that will develop inside it. This long process and in agreement with other companies must comply with the schedules and budgets established with the company. To achieve that the process is adequate and professional. Next, we show the phases that must have the design and construction of stands.

Phase 1: Contact with the client

This first phase is triggered by the customer’s contact with our company. And in this phase the conditions of the stand and the service offered by our company are agreed upon. Establishing the economic agreement, the needs and characteristics of the client and the stand, information on the type of event and the development deadlines.

Phase 2: Stand design

Once the contract has been agreed between our company and the client We will pass the design of the stand, if the client needs it. Since, also, it has the possibility of contributing his own design, happening to the construction of stands.

The design of the stand is developed in continuous contact with our client. In order to achieve the design of the stand that best suits your needs and characteristics. In this way we achieve a stand that can be adapted to the needs of your company during the event. For this phase we need to know the place where the stand will be placed, a map of the location of the stand in the exhibition centre, the regulations of the exhibition centre and the size of the presentation area

In this first post we have presented the first and second phase of the creation of a unique and striking stand for your company. In the next post we will present the last phases of the process.

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Professional exhibition stand builders must be quick, flexible, creative and detail-oriented. An effective stand after all.
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