Resultat d'imatges de mwc 2018

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Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 is going to be the most relevant event at a worldwide level focusing on mobile phone technologies, this being the meeting point where mobile services companies, mobile phone manufacturers, content distributors, etc, are going to show all current and future developments in this restless mobile phone word. To put it in other words, the MWC is a worldwide referential event in the mobile phone industry and a must-see/must-attend appointment for those professionals and business from this industry.

Here at Angle Exhibits we can design your stand starting from primal ideas to a latter assembling and dismantling of the stand, thus offering every possible needed service during the process of assembling, exhibiting and dismantling.

At Angle Exhibits we provide international service with own vehicles for Madrid, Spain and Europe, manufacturing stands for the MWC with clients all around the globe. We are also taking care of the building in our workshops in Sant Boi, where our carpenters, electricians, painters, audiovisual technicians and marketing professionals are working to offer the highest quality of services.

We then proceed to assemble the stand so that every detail is ready and we can hand the stands to our clients on time. Afterwards, we are in charge of the dismantling of every exhibiting space, taking care of the waste materials.

The renting of any needed furniture is also on us: any necessary chairs, tables, armchairs, stools, totally-customized exhibitors, showcases and decorative items.

At a trade marketing level, we also take care of the graphic design elements and their assembling. Any audiovisual material such as Led TVs 4k going from 60inch UHD monitors to 80inches full HD Smart TVs, everything chosen by and for each client.

We offer technic-constructive solutions, both in the aesthetic and technologic level, in which we take into account every factor and its aim is creating decorative structures. Designer furniture, interior design, gardening, lighting design, energy-efficient led lighting and the latest technologies.

Overall, we take charge of every single aspect: from paperwork with the fairground, hiring light, water, mains connection supply, to stand dismantling and recycling

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