hydroalcoholic gel dispensers

Angle Exhibits is focused on developing various elements for protection against Covid-19. These elements allow businesses to implement the sanitary safety measures established for their business. Protecting their workers and customers, to avoid transmission.

New incorporation: Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers:

We just finished hydroalcoholic gel dispensers for businesses. We incorporate them to the already developed protection elements. The protective methacrylate screens. We have smooth protection screens, screens with logo and screens with led and logo. In this way we can adapt to the wishes of each business. Allowing them to be advertising elements, while protecting.

With the protective screens, the safety distance between customers and employees and between customers can be maintained. Angle Exhibits developed the screens with high quality methacrylate. Which allows them to be
sterilized easily and quickly. By means of 20ml of lye diluted in 1l of water. This speed is important for businesses, such as restaurants, hairdressers, clinics, beauty centres, supermarkets, jewellery shops, shops, shopping centres… The methacrylate screens are made up of screens 200 cm high and 60 cm wide. Forming the width that the client wishes, according to their needs.

Together with the hydroalcoholic gel dispensers the establishments will be able to comply with the sanitary measures. Being able to maintain the distance of security and to carry out the periodic cleaning of hands.

Do not hesitate to contact us for information on our rates and services. In the contact section, by telephone (+34 93 630 74 99) or by e-mail (info@angle-exhibits.com | comercial@angle-exhibits.com). We also offer the service of design and construction of stands for fairs, congresses, exhibitions, product presentations…

Our facilities are located in Barcelona. We offer service to all of Spain and Europe. In cities like Madrid, Seville, Zaragoza, Lyon, Paris, Granada, Bilbao, Valencia, Girona, Toulouse, Tarragona, Milan, Lleida, Castellón…

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