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Stand design plays a key role in trade show participation and the success of visits to your trade show stand. It must attract the attendee and for this it is not enough to have flashy colours and a big brand logo. The staging of your company, brand or product is very important. Regardless of whether you are thinking of a small promotional stand or a large one. It should be designed and organised by a professional.

According to your specifications the stand designer will be the professional who can convey your ideas in a stand. There are many factors that influence the design of the exhibition stand depending also on the focus the client wants to give. If he wants to present a new product, show the whole catalogue or show the different areas of the company. The needs will vary and so will the stand design. You may want to give a demonstration and the stand must be prepared for this. The type of product and/or services is another factor to consider, as they have different ways of presenting themselves at a trade show.

Considerations when developing a stand:

  • The brand: the display of the stand should clearly reflect the brand. In order to be easily identified by the attendees.
  • Clear, eye-level advertising messages: arranged in a way that ensures the attendee’s vision.
  • Brochures and text: on lecterns accessible from all entrances to the stand. Attendees can easily find out about the services and products offered by your company.
  • Aesthetics, colours and shapes that harmonise with the details of your brand.
  • Lighting: a factor that makes the difference, regardless of whether we want to highlight an area of the stand or create different areas.
  • Use of screens and audiovisual media: The latest generation of technology helps enormously to show your brand, products and services in a more eye-catching way for the visitor.

Angle Exhibits as specialists in the design and construction of stands offer our services to develop stands with these features. With the aim of attracting as many visitors as possible to your stand. And make your presence at the event a great success. Contact us, we will inform you of the characteristics of our service and rates. Visit our Instagram, to see the quality of our work.


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