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Fairs, congresses, trade fairs… Held in Europe, it is one of the areas with the largest number of international trade fair venues. Below are the three types of services related to stands that we offer our clients in Europe.

Services offered for trade fairs and congresses in Europe

The following are the different services we offer in relation to stands for trade fairs and congresses held in Europe.

Stand design in Europe

As specialists in the stand construction sector, one of our main services is the design of stands for trade fairs and corporate events. We can design the stand that each of our clients dreams of.

We develop the service of stand design, with the main premise of transmitting the services, products and news of the company in a clear and striking way to attract the largest possible number of people present at the event.

Stand assembly

Another service we offer is the assembly of stands for trade fairs and congresses. Participating companies can give us their own design or one developed by another stand design company. And we will take care of the stand assembly.

We will make your design a reality. Offering a high quality stand assembly service for our clients. We will develop all the elements of the stand in our facilities in Barcelona. Afterwards, we will transport the stand to the exhibition venue, in this case in Europe. Where we will develop the final assembly and assembly of the stand and it will be delivered to the client.

Design and manufacture of stands

Finally, we offer the service of design and manufacture of stands. In this type of service we will design the stand together with our client, creating a unique stand that will make an impact on those present at the event. Once the stand design is finished, we will assemble and manufacture the stand in our facilities and we will follow the same steps as in the stand assembly service.

Thanks to having these three types of services related to stands, we can adapt to the needs of each client.

Angle Exhibits as specialists in exhibition stand design and construction. We offer these services for our clients in Europe. Who wish to participate in the fairs that will be held in Europe during the last months of the year 2021. Such as Fruit Attraction, Smart City, IBTM WorldFresh Food Logistics, Liber, Salón Gourmets, Salón Look, A+A, SIHRA, Taste the future… Held in cities such as Lyon, Düsseldorf, Barcelona, Madrid, Cologne… Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our rates for the design and construction of stands for trade fairs and congresses. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to know our assemblies and works.


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