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The trade fair and stand construction sector is in luck with the prospect of holding congresses, trade fairs, shows… From May and June onwards. Our clients are once again interested in our services for trade fairs such as Fitur 2021. Which will take place from 19 to 23 May. Being the first major fair held at IFEMA, Madrid, and at state level.

FITUR 2021 is the ideal place for professionals in the tourism sector, tourist destinations and seekers of new destinations. Thanks to the presence of major companies in the sector and a wide variety of destinations presented in stands, you can feel like you are travelling from one stand to another.

FITUR 2021 divides the IFEMA pavilions by countries represented, the Spanish autonomous communities and another dedicated to tourism companies. Offering all the information and news from the tourism sector in a single fair. It will be the ideal place to restart the sector’s activity, after the stoppage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In view of this exceptional situation, the organisers of FITUR have developed the online event Fitur Live Connect from 5 May to 4 June. Creating an online network for professionals in the tourism sector. Thinking of people who cannot attend the event in person.

Services offered by our company for Fitur 2021

As specialists in the design, construction and manufacture of stands, we hope to be able to continue our activity and participate with stand builders in this great fair. Angle Exhibits can develop the stand that the client needs. Taking care of all its elements, from design to lighting, carpentry, furniture, decoration, sound… If you want a stand that meets your expectations for Fitur 2021, do not hesitate to contact us. Achieve a stand that catches the attention of those present. Making your participation in the fair a great success for your company.


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