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The SIGEP 2022 edition, The dolce World Expo, has returned to full attendance by exhibitors and visitors. Marking the return to the normality of the large trade fairs and congresses held at Fiera di Rimini, one of the most important trade fair venues in Italy. As in previous editions, Angle Exhibits has been present with the design and construction of a unique and customised stand for our client Europastry.

Our client has once again placed its trust in our services as a trade fair stand company for its presence at trade fairs, congresses, shows… Held in Europe in the confectionery, bakery and food sector. The Sigep 2022 fair took place from 12 to 16 March 2022. With the presence of the main companies and professionals of the pastry, ice cream, bakery and coffee world.

Stand presented by our clients for SIGEP 2022

Stand design

The stand design phase was carried out at our facilities in Barcelona. Our team of designers designed a customised stand for our client. Designing a stand that follows the line of the rest of the stands designed for the brand. Thanks to being a customised design, the specific areas that the brand needed within its stand were created to be able to develop its presence at the fair according to its organisation. The stand had space for the presentation of the brand’s products and product ranges and a differentiated area to develop new contacts and contracts with visitors to the fair.

Stand construction

Once the stand had been designed, we carried out the construction and manufacturing phase of the stand at our facilities. We manage to manufacture the various parts of the stand in our specialised facilities. Once the various structures and furnishings were built, they were transported to Fiera di Rimini for the final phase.

Assembly and erection of the stand at SIGEP 2022, Fiera di Rimini

The last phase, before the final delivery to our customers, is the final assembly and assembly phase, which takes place at the exhibition site itself. On this occasion, at Fiera di Rimini, Italy. We have developed the work in the established period. Managing to present a stand without imperfections and adequate to the needs of the client and type of fair. As in all our stands, we take into account all the details of the stand, to achieve a stand that makes an impact on those present at the fair.

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At the end of the corporate event we take care of dismantling the stand. With the aim of reusing as many materials and structures as possible for other brand stands. The materials that could not be reused have been properly recycled.

Angle Exhibits offers our stand design and construction services for trade fairs, congresses, shows, events… Held all over Spain and Europe. In cities such as Rimini, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Berlin, Hannover… If you wish to present a customised trade fair stand for your presence at events, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you, without obligation, of our rates and services as a stand design and construction company.


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