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Angle Exhibits has reinvented itself in the face of the health crisis caused by covid-19. In this situation we have decided to put our efforts into the development and manufacture of screens in various formats for protection against covid-19 for different types of businesses. In the current post we will show the different types developed by our team of designers.

Types of front screens, screens and methacrylate separators

The first type we present is the front screens for counters. The front screens are made up of front screens and small side screens to provide full protection to workers. This type of front screens can be formed by different front screens to offer the length you need. In addition, they can be developed in different shapes and colours to adapt to the needs of each client and business. In the following images you can see different models.

The second type is the methacrylate screens. This type serves to differentiate spaces, allowing the separation between customers and employees. This separation allows to avoid the contact, fundamental fact for the protection against the covid-19. In the following images you can see the models of this type of screens.

The last type of protection element is the separators for work tables. The last type of protection element is the separator for work tables. To avoid contact between different workers.

Characteristics of the protection elements

All our front screens, partitions and screens are created in high quality 0.8-10 mm methacrylate. This type of methacrylate can be easily sterilised, with bleach diluted in water. This way you can easily clean them. This fact is important to follow the sanitary measures against covid-19. The different models can be created with methacrylate in different colours and these front screens, partitions and dividers can be printed with the logo or image of your company. Serving as decorative and advertising elements.

These models are those developed by our designers. But if you need a different model of screen or partition adapted to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will adapt to them and create the ideal protection element for your business. Follow us on Instagram to see our work and assemblies.

Angle Exhibits are specialists in the design, manufacture and construction of stands. We have a long experience, during these years we have developed stands for cities all over Spain and Europe. Like Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, Zaragoza, Valencia, Milan, Paris, Seville, Bilbao…

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