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Angle Exhibits knows the importance of having customized stands when you come as a company to a corporate event. Such as fairs, congresses, exhibitions, product presentations… To show an impeccable image, all the details of the stand must be taken care of.

Our company with its years of experience offers a comprehensive and professional service. In order to show the best possible image. With personalized and unique stands for each client. We can offer this personalized service thanks to our own team of programmers.

The companies when participating in these events have the purpose of improving the commercial strategy of the same one. To achieve an increase in the number of sales of products and services. This objective is achieved by creating a pleasant environment for the client. In the fairs the main element to achieve this environment is the stand that is presented.

A team of designers to have personalized stands:

As professionals in the sector we know that designing this type of environment is not easy. You must have professionals who follow the correct guidelines so that potential clients present at the fair quickly detect the service or product that your company offers.

We offer the service of design, construction and manufacture of stands in our facilities in Barcelona. Once this phase has been completed, we will transport the stand elements to the event. There we will carry out the final assembly. We will take care of the furniture, carpentry, florist, metalwork, lighting

Our team of designers will take into account all the elements for the design of personalized stands. Such as the type of floor to be used, whether a ceiling will be created or not, the construction system to be used, the appropriate lighting, the technological elements…

If you wish to obtain a personalized stand that will attract a large number of visitors to your stand, do not hesitate to contact us, we will attend you without obligation. In our Instagram you will be able to see images of our last assemblies.

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