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The presence at a trade fair, congress, exhibition… For companies, it is an opportunity to increase sales of their brand. But, in order to increase sales and reach new potential customers present at the event, a prior planning process is necessary. This planning process will allow you to achieve these goals for your company.

Phases of the pre-planning process prior to attending a trade fair

  • Phase 1: Brand situation analysis

Before starting the actual organisation of the presence at the chosen trade fair. The brand situation must be analysed. By asking yourself where the brand is at present and what it has. To analyse what it has to offer to professionals in its sector. Before participating in a fair you must be clear on this point. And focus your presence on what your company has to offer to the sector.

  • Phase 2: deciding which trade fair your brand should participate in

Another key factor is to decide which trade fair your brand should attend. Within the same sector, there may be several trade fairs. Each one focused on a different type of public and with different objectives. For this decision, the company must gather information from the various trade fairs to find out what they offer to visitors, analyse the impact the trade fair has on the sector, find out the number of national and international attendees at the trade fair, what type of competition will be present and whether their current clients will be present. With this information, they should decide which trade fair to attend according to their characteristics.

  • Phase 3: Setting brand objectives

Once your situation has been analysed and you know which trade fair to attend, you should set the brand’s objectives for your presence at the trade fair. The most common objectives that companies set for their presence at trade fairs are the following:

  • Attracting new potential customers
  • Improve the relationship with their current clients
  • Analysis of the current situation of the sector and the competition.
  • Presentation of new products
  • Improve the visibility of their brand in the sector.

Depending on the current situation of your brand, you will have to decide on the target and focus your presence planning towards it. In order to achieve your target and make your trade fair presence a great success.

  • Phase 4: Setting your brand budget for the trade fair

Before moving on to the last phase of the organisation, the construction of the stand and the organisation of the other elements, it will be necessary to establish your brand budget. In order to establish the budget, the company will have to consider several points, such as the design of the stand, the material used in the stand, the transport of the stand and the rest of the elements, elements for the promotion of your brand, the hiring of the external personnel used, the hiring of services and the budget for the travel and stay of your own personnel.

Depending on the price established for each section of its presence at the fair, the company will be able to establish its final budget for its brand for its presence at the fair.

  • Phase 5: development and organisation of the brand’s stand and other elements

Once the budget has been established, it will be time to organise the stand and other elements necessary for the brand’s presence at the fair. The brand should contact stand construction companies, such as Angle Exhibits, to receive a quote for the type of stand they have decided to present. And contact with the rest of the companies that offer the services decided by the brand for its presence at the event.

With the companies that will be in charge of the design of your stand and the rest of the services, it will be time to start your planning and final organisation. The stand is the most important element that a company must plan to present itself at a trade fair. Since it will be the element that will capture the attention of those present and ensure that the brand meets its objectives.

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