There are only 10 days left to the inauguration of the Mobile World Congress, in Angle Exhibits we are working hard, building and setting up 5 stands for this great event.

The proximity of our facilities to the Fira de Barcelona exhibition centre facilitates the transports that we have to make to the exhibition centre to unload all the materials necessary for the construction of the stands. All the structures have been manufactured in our facilities, our modern and spacious workshops are designed to allow the simultaneous activity of several work teams so that it has been possible to manufacture several stands at the same time.

We have different teams of assemblers in the fairgrounds organizing and assembling electrical installations, floors, aerial elements, stand structures, painting and signage.

In 10 days we will be able to show images of the finished stands, work carried out during months starting from an original idea, design and finally construction and assembly of the stand.




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