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Angle Exhibits is starting the preparation of the stands for the IBT fair that will be held in Milan. Between the 4th and 8th of March. It is the main international fair for experts in the tourism industry. Hotels, tourism organizations, tour operators, travel agencies, transportation companies, booking portals, etc. will be present.

For the IBT fair in Milan, we are designing and carrying out the first phases of the assembly of various stands at our headquarters in Barcelona. We have developed the design of the stand together with our customers. Creating the stand that best suits their needs and desires.

Angle exhibits we take care of all elements of our stands, such as carpentry, metalwork, lighting, sound, glassware, lighting … These elements are developed with all types of materials such as aluminum, MDF, wood, glass, metal …

Our team of assemblers will be responsible for transporting, assembling and dismantling all the elements of the stand. At the end of the fair we will recycle as many elements as possible and reuse them as much as possible in future stands.

Service offered by Angle Exhibits:

Our extensive experience in the sector of exhibition stand assembly, such as Smart City, Fitur, MWC, Fruit Logistica, B-Travel, Expodental, IBT, IBTM, CPhL worldwidr, ExCel London… allows us to offer a comprehensive and professional service, taking care of any unforeseen event that may occur in a serious and fast way. Ensuring that your presence at the fair, congress or exhibition is a success.

From our headquarters located in Barcelona we offer service to all Catalonia, Spain and Europe. Over the years we have set up stands and all their elements in cities such as Madrid, Bilbao, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Nice…

If you want to follow our latest works and the quality of them follow us in our Instagram. To receive a personalized budget please go to the contact section of our website.

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