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Every exhibition stand must be attractive and original in order to make an impact on those present. It must be able to attract the attention of the participants. The design of the stand will be the key point to create the attractive and eye-catching stand that every company needs. The rest of the construction phases of the exhibition stand are developed on the basis of the developed design. But, how are exhibition stands designed to achieve this objective of making an impact? Here are some of the keys to designing an eye-catching exhibition stand.

How is the design of an exhibition stand carried out?

Location of the exhibition stand

The first decision a company must make is to decide where to locate its stand within the exhibition site. The location will be determined by the company’s budget and objective. These two factors will also determine the size and other elements of the stand presented by the company. Within the exhibition venues there are key locations that offer greater visibility. If the company’s budget allows it, it is advisable to access these locations. This will give your stand a privileged location.

Brand objectives at the trade fair

The company should establish its objectives for its presence at the corporate event. Communicating them to the company designing the stand. The company must design the exhibition stand with the aim of achieving these objectives in the design. The most common objectives are to attract customers or promote products and services.

Depending on the brand’s objective, the team of designers will design an exhibition stand focused on these objectives. If the objective is to attract customers, they will design a space focused on customer service and negotiation, leaving a differentiated space to attend to potential customers. If your objective is to promote your products and services, the design should focus on their exhibition. The products and services will be the protagonists of the stand.

Corporate image of the brand

In addition, the design of the exhibition stand should include and clearly show the corporate image of the brand. This will ensure that those present will remember the brand at future events. Since corporate events are a way of promoting your brand and making professionals in your sector aware of it.

Service offered as stand manufacturers

These first months are full of fairs, congresses, trade fairs, exhibitions… Both in Spain and Europe. At Angle Exhibits we offer our stand design, stand manufacturing and stand assembly services to our clients from our stand company in Barcelona. In cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Hannover, Zaragoza, Hamburg, Bologna

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