This week we will set up a stand for CMR 2018 that will take place at the CCIB in Barcelona from 1 to 3 February.

The international community of CMR (Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance) will meet in Barcelona for WRC 2018, a joint EuroCMR*/*SCMR meeting organised by the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI).

Providing a space where experts from all over the world with different experiences and shared knowledge, the event offers many presentations and the most avant-garde information at both a beginner and advanced level.

Angle Exhibits will be present at the assembly of stands for this event, we will set up a stand manufactured in our facilities including the electrical part and provide rental furniture to the exhibitor.

As always trying to make the final customer care as little as possible, offering all the services necessaries for the proper functioning of the stand.

In a few days we can show you the final result.


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