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Setting up a trade fair stand is a long and costly process. It must be carried out by professionals in order to achieve a stand that will make an impact on the attendees. Attracting those present and achieving a greater number of contacts. To achieve the design and manufacture of this type of stand, a team of professional stand designers. Such as the one that makes up Angle Exhibits, is required.

In the current article we will explain the different phases that lead to the design and manufacture of attractive and eye-catching exhibition stands.

How to organise the assembly of an trade fair stand

The competitiveness present in corporate events such as trade fairs and congresses makes the stand to be presented by the brand really important. It will attract a greater number of attendees or not. Presenting a trade fair stand that has an impact on those present will increase the number of contacts made by your brand. And, consequently, achieve a greater number of sales for your company. This makes your presence at corporate events a success for your company and allows it to grow.

But how to achieve an impressive exhibition stand? To achieve this goal, the organisation of a trade fair stand must be started months in advance. This is a great effort in terms of time, organisation and budget for the company. This effort will be worth it if it achieves the objective of promoting your brand.

In order to organise your presence at a trade fair and the assembly of your trade fair stand, you should start your organisation process by deciding which event to attend. Once you have decided on the trade fair, you will need to find out about the deadlines and limits of the trade fair. And organise your stand set-up accordingly. The stand design phase will begin. Followed by the stand manufacturing phase in specialised facilities. And ending with the transport and assembly of the stand at the fairgrounds.

As we have observed, it is a long and costly process for the brand that decides to participate in a trade fair. However, this effort allows a series of benefits to be obtained with respect to the company’s growth objectives. The following are the main benefits that brands obtain by participating in corporate events.

Benefits of being present at trade fairs, congresses, trade shows…

  • Attracting customers
  • Present new products and services
  • Enhance the corporate image of your brand
  • Build customer loyalty
  • To analyse the current market situation and your competition.

These potential benefits make many companies decide to participate in corporate events. Participating in several of them throughout the year. This repetition shows that companies obtain benefits from their presence at trade fairs. Benefits that outweigh the effort made.

Service as stand builders for events

Angle Exhibits are specialists in the assembly of stands for trade fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions… We have extensive experience that allows us to adapt our trade fair stands to the needs of each type of event and client. Contact us, without obligation, if you would like to know our rates and services as designers and manufacturers of stands for trade fairs throughout Spain and Europe. In cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Hannover… Visit our Facebook and Instagram to know our stands assemblies.


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