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Trade fair marketing is a way of boosting your company’s sales, and one of the most important elements within trade fair marketing is the design of trade fair stands for corporate events. This design, due to its importance and relevance in the company’s presence at trade fairs, congresses, shows, exhibitions, etc., requires a long period of preparation and design.

Stand designers should focus on the objective set by the company for its presence at the trade fair. Such as customer acquisition, promotion of your corporate brand, customer loyalty, market analysis, analysis of the competition, new products… Depending on the objective of the brand, the design of the exhibition stand will be different.

How to design an exhibition stand

The company should start the stand design well in advance. Adapting to the deadlines offered by the corporate event. The company must submit projects, service requests and the necessary documentation for stand approval within the deadlines. The organisation of your presence at the trade fair must fit in with these deadlines in order to arrive at the trade fair with all aspects prepared.

The company must first decide on the stand company that will design and build its exhibition stand. The next step for the company will be to contact the company. And explain the main objective of the brand for its presence at the fair.

At this point the company will start working on the design of your exhibition stand. Start the design of the stand. Focusing on the type of trade fair it will be used for, what attracts attendees, what the location of the stand will be within the venue and what the budget for the stand is. The stands that are best suited to the needs, characteristics and objectives are customised stands. Designers can create a free design taking into account all these elements. In case of a smaller budget, the company can opt for a modular stand.

Modular stands have pre-established sizes and elements, but, designed with the appropriate graphic elements, they manage to attract those present. They are ideal for companies with a smaller budget for their participation in the event.

Once the design of the exhibition stand has been agreed, the development of the technical project of the stand will begin. The technical project of the stand will ensure the safety of the stand, ensuring all the elements. Both the carpentry, measurements, spaces, weights, materials…That must be used for this safety. The event organisers must approve the stand project prior to its production.

Design and organisation of the rest of the elements

In addition to the stand, the company must organise the rest of the elements present on the stand and necessary for the presence of the brands at trade fairs and congresses. To achieve an optimal presence. Ensuring that your brand achieves the goals you have set.

Your company must organise the services you wish to offer at your stand. Such as catering, show cooking, tactile devices, photocalls, performances, merchandising… Also, the necessary trade fair supplies and services for your stand must be contracted. Such as electricity, cleaning, water, security…

As can be seen in the current post, the design of the trade fair stand and the organisation of your presence at corporate events is complex. For this reason, there are companies like Angle Exhibits that offer the design and manufacture of stands for trade fairs, congresses, shows… We offer a comprehensive service to facilitate your presence at trade fairs in Spain and Europe. In cities such as Paris, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Milan, Valencia, Madrid, Hannover, Hamburg… Contact us, without obligation, we will inform you of our rates and services as stand manufacturers. Visit our Instagram and Facebook to see our stands for trade fairs.


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