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Angle Exhibits will again be at the International Green Week fair in Berlin (IGW), which will take place between 18 and 27 January at the fairgrounds in the German capital.

It is an international fair on agriculture and horticulture.
Food producers from all over the world exhibit at this fair, showing their novelties and products.
In addition to presentations of the latest technology in the field of agriculture, experts representing different countries will make presentations on forestry, fishing, horticulture or renewable energy applied to the food field.

In the last edition more than 1500 exhibitors from 65 countries and 400,000 visitors gathered in Berlin.

From Angle we are proud to be part, with our stands, of this fair of the world of ecology and food.
Our customers have asked us to design and build different stands.
The originality and quality of designs achieved by our creative team is key in projects in general and in particular in this fair where you have to know how to do sustainable architectural work. Stands that are consistent with the message and brand image that our customers want.

To do this, we make a project traceable and continuously monitored by our customers, adjusting to their budget to jointly achieve the objective.

Angle Exhibits has a large industrial warehouse where it carries out a large part of the construction of stands and corporate spaces in advance, this guarantees our customers a high quality of finishes, customization of the stand at the level of architecture, materials, lighting and interior design and a guarantee in the delivery times of the project.

In addition, thanks to our premium audiovisual suppliers (SB Service) we can also offer you the latest in capacitive touch technology and with a 4K definition to project your corporate videos and company contents.

We also take care of the rest of the services that a stand needs at the fair, from the permits with the enclosure itself, hiring supplies such as electricity, water or rigging and cleaning services, catering or hostesses.

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