europastry showroom

In the current post we present our latest work for the firm Europastry. On this occasion, we have developed a showroom in their facilities in Sarral, Tarragona. Where one of its plants is located.

Europastry developed the design of the project and our company developed the construction and assembly of the showroom. The firm developed a design adapted to its needs and characteristics, to create a functional showroom. Creating an exhibition space in which to present their new products and innovations to their clients and buyers. Being the ideal meeting place to make an impact on their customers.

In the following images you can see the showroom and its various parts. The showroom is a large room, divided into two spaces. The first space is the kitchen, where the display and tasting of the Europastry brand products will take place. The second area of the room is the table-meeting area. Here you will be able to hold informal meetings with customers.

Showroom development process

As in the rest of our services and works, we have carried out the construction and manufacture of the different elements and furniture for the Showroom. Once the manufacturing is finished, we then transport them. In the showroom itself, we carry out the final assembly and assembly.

Our experience as stand designers and builders allows us to develop all kinds of custom-made and retail furniture for companies and shops. Like the work done on this occasion for Europastry. We offer our services to cities all over Spain and Europe. Like Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Bilbao, Bilbao, Berlin, Valencia, Hannover… If you want any of our services for your company, trade or your presence in fairs and congresses, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you of our services and rates. Follow us on Instagram to see our latest montages.


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